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Playfulness: Dice iida-Klein on Yoga

Dice-lida Klein shares what initially drew him to yoga: the handstand. It will now and forever always make him feel like a kid because as much as it's meditative and focus driven, there is playfulness behind it. …

Meet Glo

The Beautiful Dance: Claire Missingham on Yoga

Claire believes yoga is a beautiful internal dance of breath, meditation, body, physicality and music -- all with the purpose of helping us find happiness in a moment and be constantly present. …

Shape Shift to State Shift: Darren Rhodes on Yog
Meet Glo

Shape Shift to State Shift: Darren Rhodes on Yoga

Darren Rhodes came to yoga has shaped his lifelong practice in a fundamental way. Yoga's ability to help relieve anxiety kept him coming back to the mat again and again as he realized the shape shifting movement of yoga…