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Playfulness: Dice iida-Klein on Yoga

Meet YogaGlo

Dice lida-Klein shares what initially drew him to yoga: the handstand. It will always make him feel like a kid because as much as it’s meditative and focus-driven, there is playfulness behind it. The handstand serves its purpose as something that’s meditative, slow and intentional when it needs to be, but when you’re stagnant or low on energy, if you just get upside-down, you feel refreshed and renewed.

He believes yoga is a tool for each of us to truly begin to look at your reflection and be able to tap into yourself.

Dice encourages us to always do things with heart and passion, because if you’re happy and it’s genuine, it will come off to those around you and that is contagious.

Feeling playful? Practice with Dice here:

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