Teaching is a Gift: Amy Ippoliti on Yoga

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Amy Ippoliti shares how she discovered yoga in New York City. It wasn’t so much about the physical practice for her, it was more about what she discovered about herself. After 11 years of being a student, she finally applied for teacher training and has realized that teaching is her gift, no matter what it is.

A teacher once told her that the distance from ourselves to the sun is however many light years away and that same distance that you can travel to the sun is how deeply you can go inside yourself to find out who you are. Amy’s motivation to practice is to keep experiencing more of herself, more of the world and what it’s like to be human and what it’s like to be alive.

From a young age Amy became an animal rights and environmental activist. Her love for animals led her to merge her two passions and she hopes her underwater yoga images inspire people be more conscious of ocean conservation.

Practice with Amy today: http://bit.ly/29BgZBY

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