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Yoga is a Place Where We Learn to Breathe Again: Jodi Blumstein on Yoga

jodi blumstein on yoga

Jodi Blumstein shares how she discovered Ashtanga yoga in Chicago when she was a young aerobics instructor. Ashtanga captivated all of her attention very quickly and she found it was a very efficient way to utilize her energy.

After attending a workshop led by Tim Miller, Jodi decided to open up her own studio in Chicago. It was then that she realized her practice was more important than anything else and she had to maintain that as the foundation of everything she did.

Yoga to her is an ancient healing modality that we have an amazing amount of access to that combines energy healing with physical healing and psychological healing in a very efficient way. We live in a time where our nervous systems are over stressed and yoga is an opportunity for us to return to natural healing – it is a  place where we literally learn to breathe again.

Inspired by Jodi? Practice with her today: http://bit.ly/2aw3t4S

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