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Kia Miller Rise and Reset
Meet Glo

Sunset Stress Relief Program with Kia Miller

Lead by Kia Miller, this restorative program is designed to be done in the evening, after work or at the end of the day to create a state of relaxation and peace that carries into the next day. Relax…

Rod Stryker on Yoga
Meet Glo

Yoga as a Companion: Rod Stryker on Yoga

Rod Stryker shares how he discovered yoga (shout out to Light on Yoga!) as a tired teen and how that discovery led to a lifelong journey of exploring yoga and ultimately becoming a yoga teacher in the early 80's.…

Meet YogaGlo
Meet Glo

Playfulness: Dice iida-Klein on Yoga

Dice-lida Klein shares what initially drew him to yoga: the handstand. It will now and forever always make him feel like a kid because as much as it's meditative and focus driven, there is playfulness behind it. …