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You Deserve the Best of Life & Life Deserves the Best of You: David Wagner on Yoga

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David Harshada Wagner shares how the teachings of yoga, meditation and spirituality lead him to become clean and sober, which ultimately, saved his life.

His “ah-ha” moment on his spiritual path was when he witnessed his mother, an alcoholic, succumb to cancer – it was then that he realized that he never wanted to leave this earth how his mother did. It was a firm conviction that he was going to walk a spiritual path.

His approach to yoga is that yoga is the process of transforming our identity from being individual, limited identity to being identified with ultimate reality. He sees yoga as a practice that transforms all of the different aspects of us – our relationship with our bodies, consciousness and outside world.

David’s message to us is “you deserve the best of life and life deserves the best of you.” He wants us all to have vision and wants to help us get the most out of our experience of being on this earth.

Feeling Inspired? Practice with David here:

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