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A note for the Glo Community from co-founder Derik Mills

Dear Glo Community,

Many of you rely on Glo to help navigate challenging life experiences, to bolster your mental and physical health. We are humbled, in this time of global crisis, that people around the world are turning to this community to care for ourselves and each other. If you, or anyone you know, are in need of free online classes, we offer nine on our From Our Hearts page. For members, we’ve created a curated group of classes to offer you support for turbulent times.  

Starting March 26th, we’ll host live Q&A’s on Glo Community with Glo faculty and other thought leaders. We hope to address questions about whatever is coming up for you as we process our feelings and emotions in this time of uncertainties. We’ll announce opportunities on our social media channels.  

We’re sad about this global suffering. We’re grateful to those on the front lines serving in harm’s way. I’m hopeful as we develop a deeper sense of interconnectedness and greater awareness of how actions impact our planet. Our self-care and social distancing are important acts of compassion.

You are in our hearts and thoughts. Our team is here for you. Stay safe and healthy. 

Co-founder & CEO

Announcements Community

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