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Mental Health Awareness Month: Eco-anxiety

Explore our Supporting Mental Health collection of classes. These classes honor our connection with nature and can help ground the nervous system. You’ll feel the hearts and passions of the teachers as you do in all Glo classes. They…


Earth Day: Glo x SeaTrees

At Glo, we care about the health of our planet and its inhabitants. Our planet is part of our WHY: We connect people through self-care so that, together, we can heal ourselves and our planet. We believe self-care =…

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Daily Mindfulness Launches on Glo

For a company that has amassed an expansive library of content from dozens of world-renowned instructors over the past 12 years with nearly 1,000 meditation classes of all themes, styles, durations, and teachers, you might ask, “Why launch Daily…


Amy Rosoff Davis is redefining the “dream body”

I am thrilled to introduce myself as one of Glo’s new trainers. I’ve been a dancer, yogi, fitness junkie, Pilates addict, and all-around health nut for over 20 years. I spent most of my life training as an actress,…