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Meet Glo

Beyond Language: Tias Little on Yoga

Tias Little shares how the wisdom teachings of yoga have helped him move from a rigorous focus on the physical practice to noticing the subtle edges of the yoga practice.…

Alex van Frank
Meet Glo

Finding Inner Peace

This little story of mine is for every “fat kid” or child and adult that isn't 'perfect' --I dedicate my practice and teachings to you. Come with me and let's make peace with ourselves through yoga.…

Shape Shift to State Shift: Darren Rhodes on Yog
Meet Glo

Shape Shift to State Shift: Darren Rhodes on Yoga

Darren Rhodes came to yoga has shaped his lifelong practice in a fundamental way. Yoga's ability to help relieve anxiety kept him coming back to the mat again and again as he realized the shape shifting movement of yoga…

Meet Glo

The Deep Peace of Yoga: Kia Miller

When she began practicing Kundalini, she experienced a deep sense of peace and empowerment that no longer relied upon outward reinforcement of who she was or who she should be but instead allowed her to land fully within herself…