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Links We Love: The Power of Meditation

links we love

Each week we scour the interwebs to bring you amazing yoga articles, insights and stories that we hope will illuminate the power of yoga, the ways in which it can heal and soothe and the ways in which it can make us laugh, smile and learn much more about ourselves than we ever expected. This week’s links we think you’ll love are all about the power of meditation:

  • Meditation May Boost Teen Memory: “Students given the meditation training performed much better on the memory tasks. They jumped 10 points (from 34 to 44) on a 75-point scale of working memory. The yoga group improved only four points. The control group showed no improvement. These findings were published November 11 in the Journal of Adolescent Health.”
  • How Meditation Benefits CEOs: “Why are business leaders embracing meditation rather than, say, massage or ping-pong? Because there’s something to meditation that appears to benefit CEOs more than recreation or relaxation do alone.”
  • Meditation Is a Useful Tool for Mitigating Stress: “Maybe you have assignments instead of exams and you’re largely out of the woods. Maybe you have four tests this week and your body feels like it’s on fire. I don’t know your life, but either way, there’s no better time than the present to try out meditation, one of humanity’s oldest ways to deal with stress.”
  • Meditation helps combat ‘chemo brain’: “Mindfulness meditation, which includes a focused attention on the current moment and thoughts and feelings, helps around 35 per cent of cancer patients after they’ve had chemotherapy, say researchers from Indiana University.”
  • Meditation May Boost Happiness: The New Coloring for the Mind! “I teach meditation and by stopping to make time and read the 7 myths of meditation you may be surprised. Mindfulness is fast becoming the new approach to cope with life challenges. We live in a society all about you and we are focused on the way, we look and feel. It may not be a big deal for you but putting yourself first may be the best move for everyone. If you are happy then human kindness can go a long way. So mediating can help us overcome what is holding us back.”