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Yoga as a Companion: Rod Stryker on Yoga

Rod Stryker on Yoga

Rod Stryker shares how he discovered yoga (shout out to Light on Yoga!) as a tired teen and how that discovery led to a lifelong journey of exploring yoga and ultimately becoming a yoga teacher in the early 80’s.

Rod shares his experience as yoga has evolved dramatically over the past several decades and what that adjustment has meant for his practice and his teachings. Ultimately – yoga has remained a steady companion from the beginning and it is the guiding force in all aspects of his life. His advice to all yoga teachers: continue to be a student. The growth in yoga is never done as it can never be mastered.

Inspired by Rod’s story? Practice with him today.

And stay tuned for a big announcement in the coming weeks if you’d like to study with Rod in a much deeper way. Good things are coming!

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