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Olivia Hsu Yoga for Climbers on YogaGlo

We are thrilled to announce that we've just launched a ton of great yoga classes for climbers, taught by world-class climber Olivia Hsu! An elite level climber who has spent over half of her life defying gravity, Olivia Hsu found…

Meditate Your Weight

Mind Makeover

Notice the sensations that the recollection brings up in the body. Is it possible to allow the sensations to exist and to disengage the mind, to just notice and watch them? Take a moment to do this. Then notice…


Site Update for Curated Yoga Collections

We released a website update today that makes finding and favoriting classes easier than ever. We’ve removed the Body, Heart and Mind categories on the left navigation and added a new one for Collections. You can now easily find…

SuperBowl Yoga

Super Bowl Yoga

Short meditations for calming down during #SuperBowl, long practices for ignoring it entirely. You choose, yogis!…

overheard in yoga class

The Fullness of Time

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Amy Ippoliti explains that in this world of rapid technology advances, it can be easy to get enamored with what's shiny and new, while losing touch with what your past can teach…

3 Mindfulness Stories to Kick-Start Your Week

3 Mindfulness Stories to Kick-Start Your Week

This week in wellness news, a new study finds that eight weeks of meditation can significantly alter the stress response in people with generalized anxiety disorder, and this is evident in the levels of stress hormones and inflammatory markers.…


Yoga Gives Back: The Power to Serve

We believe in Yoga Gives Back and we're thrilled to support them by hosting an event where Kia Miller will teach a very special class to support mothers and children in India. This class will be all about Yoga…