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Daily Mindfulness Launches on Glo

For a company that has amassed an expansive library of content from dozens of world-renowned instructors over the past 12 years with nearly 1,000 meditation classes of all themes, styles, durations, and teachers, you might ask, “Why launch Daily Mindfulness?” 

Boy, do we have answers…

Healthy habits start small:   

Up until now, we’ve invited you to engage with us as you felt you needed it. If you had a problem, we had a solution. If you felt like practicing three times a week, we’d be there. But we’re stepping up our game and we want you to join us. We believe that an occasional practice will yield—well, occasional results. So to experience all the benefits of your self-care it needs to become a daily habit. So we created Daily Mindfulness as an easy way to support repetition in your practice. 

There is a Zen adage that says, “It is better to dig one well 50 feet deep, than 50 wells one foot deep.” We can infer that after a period of exploration, we will make progress in our self-care by dedicating ourselves to one style of practice. By choosing Daily Mindfulness consistently, you’ll easily be able to track your ability to stay focused, let things go, and emerge with clarity.

A proactive approach to your self-care.

Much of our content on Glo is designed to support you in every phase and challenge of your life. This is important and we stand by excellence in this. However, we believe self-care is not only about solving problems, it’s about preventing them. A daily meditation practice can help us show up as our best selves. Rather than waiting to react to stress and anxiety, we can be proactive about finding our sense of calm and feeling that way all day long.

Mindfulness & meditation…what’s the difference?

Great question! The answer can be quite complex, but for our purposes meditation is any tool that is used to focus the mind, whereas Mindfulness is a specific style of meditation and can be used as a descriptor to any activity that is done “mindfully.” So while every mindfulness practice is a meditation, not all meditations are in the style of Mindfulness.  

What should I expect in a Daily Mindfulness meditation?

Daily Mindfulness provides a guided audio Mindfulness experience that follows a curated, consistent pattern each day so that your attention can focus on the practice rather than trying to learn a new type of meditation. Each day you will sit, learn the daily theme, get comfortable, take three deep breaths, and settle into stillness for a period of two minutes. You will be reminded to come back to the practice and invited into two more minutes of silence. This silence is so that you can really meditate, not just listen to someone talking. Once this is complete you will listen to an inspirational talk centering on that day’s theme (called a Dharma talk) to leave you with some reflections to take into your day.

When should I practice Daily Mindfulness?

Many people love to practice Mindfulness in the morning to “start the day on their own terms” rather than allowing the stress of our “to-do” lists overwhelm them. But some people prefer to use it as a lunchtime break, before a big meeting or presentation, a way to destress at the end of the day, before being with family or friends, or right before for a peaceful sleep. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong time, just do what’s right for you. If you’re not sure where to start, try it out at different times of the day for the first week and see what resonates.

How do I find Daily Mindfulness?

You can find new meditations daily in the “For You” tab or by going to the “Search” page and selecting “Daily Mindfulness” under the “Style” dropdown filter. If you’re a regular user of our iOS app (on your iPhone or iPad) we’d recommend signing up for our notifications as well. You can do this by opening the app, hitting the settings icon in the Library tab, and then making sure you’ve opted into Push Notifications. This way you receive occasional reminders to return to your practice.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! If your mind wanders off, you are not “bad” at Mindfulness, you are not doing it wrong, and YES, the benefits will still affect you. Most of us have wandering minds, that’s exactly why we are training our minds to focus and stay present. If you feel a little “all over the place,” this is the perfect practice for you. It will take some time to get into the flow of things, but hang in there! It does get easier! It may start as a “have to,” but within a few weeks, you’ll be treasuring these 10 minutes like your own personal moment of peace from this crazy world.

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