Lay the foundation: An upstream approach to mental health

Prioritizing our mental health might be the most important thing we do. Without it, we are less able to tend to our families, communities, work, or anything else. Mental health is the foundation upon which all other aspects of our lives must rest. If that foundation is not strong, our structure can topple like a house of cards.

The way we care for our mental health is essential. We can approach it from a downstream, midstream, or upstream approach. Unfortunately, from downstream, our mental health may be overlooked until there is an immediate problem (grief, loss, or anxiety), and we may aim to only “fix a problem.” Midstream, we may catch ourselves and try to prevent things from worsening, yet not seek ongoing support.

But from upstream, we can address our mental health preventatively, caring for ourselves while we are still well with daily practice (yes, daily!). 

Yoga, breathwork, and meditation practices can be used for this. They are not merely reactive “sick-care” but proactive “health-care” practices refined and passed down over time to keep us well. While these practices are not the only solutions, they can be seen as a supplemental aspect of our holistic health protocol. A short daily practice complements other support we may need.

To take an upstream approach in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I invite you to dedicate ten minutes each day in May (and beyond) to yourself with our Daily Mindfulness offering. It balances guided meditation with some silence, so you have space to just be. It might be your only truly quiet moment of the day, letting go of to-do lists, tasks, etc. 

This offering is strategically designed to calm anxiety, focus thoughts, and navigate overwhelm while building a resilient mind and preparing you to handle real-life stressors. A new ten-minute Daily Mindfulness meditation is released every day, so you don’t even have to think about it. It’s just there for you day after day to help you build a healthy habit that supports you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

A daily practice does not require us to have it all together. In reality, showing up as who you are today is a perfect place to start. Take a moment (or ten!) for your well-being. Come as you are, and we’ll meet you there.

With gratitude,

Sara Ivanhoe, Doctoral Candidate and Glo’s Yoga & Meditation Specialist

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