Bodybuilder, flutist, HIIT-maker: Meet Ridge Davis, our newest fitness trainer on Glo

Ridge Davis’ fitness fundamentals are simple, “Eat clean, train dirty.” He is an NCSF-certified trainer who has been trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and fitness publications for over a decade. As a fitness expert, Ridge has been regularly featured in Men’s Health, Livestrong, GQ, Men’s Journal, and Hollywood Life. Ridge is known for his high-energy attitude and thrives on helping people create sustainable training routines that are fun, effective, and leave you coming back for more.

What first drew you into fitness?

I’ve always had a fascination with the body and its potential through effective training and nutrition. I started as a competitive track athlete/sprinter then got into competitive bodybuilding.

What style of fitness has been your focus and why?

Strength training and conditioning. It’s the foundation for all modalities and it improves your posture, helps your biochemistry, and changes your mental strength. Nothing beats feeling strong from the inside out.

How would you describe your approach to teaching? 

Everything I learn, I teach to my clients and we develop together. I’ve always been taught to live life as a student, to constantly seek ways to improve, grow, and develop. Fitness is about community and that inspires me to always be my best to help others become their absolute best! 

What’s one self-care ritual you can’t live without?

My two-hour deep tissue massage!!! It’s the reset I need every month.

On days when you just don’t feel like doing anything but lounging, what inspires you to get off the couch and get moving?

I’m a firm believer in creating a disciplined lifestyle rooted in daily habits.  Motivation is emotional and it waivers. However, discipline is a mindset of knowing that things must be done in order to achieve your goals. I suggest staying active with your goals—write them down and visualize them every morning. I believe that a loss of motivation is a sign of losing sight of your goals. So, get reconnected with them!

We hear you are a passionate and accomplished flutist. Do you believe there is a connection between music and fitness?

ABSOLUTELY! Music and fitness require an immense amount of discipline and vision! I’ve found them to be my yin and yang. Fitness was always my release from perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail. Music was my way of deeply expressing myself and getting centered mentally and creatively. But, there are so many crossover skills regarding mental focus, body awareness, and time management. I strongly believe both bring out your inner athlete.  

Go-to karaoke song?

“Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child 


When I’m short on time, my go-to exercise is…side plank.

One thing I do every day to glow is…workout.

I want to learn more about…World History.

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