There's a Class for That

Detox from having too much fun

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

– Oscar Wilde

As we enter those last precious weeks before fall, we’re asking ourselves potentially the most important question—did we have enough fun this summer? But whether the answer is yes or no, the appropriate response is, “I need to have MORE!”

So get going! Schedule meals back to back, book all the friends you were too busy to see, and take that last day at the beach. Then while you’re at it, go to that museum, eat that extra dessert, and indulge in a late night of dancing or binging your favorite TV. Once you get it all in, you’re bound to have a TV hangover, feel groggy from too much sugar, or maybe just a little achy from your marathon of moving or chilling. 

Either way, you’ll know you’ve done your job when you’re dragging from too much fun! And that’s when these classes will come to the rescue. They’ll help you wring it out, move it out, and rejuvenate whatever feels depleted, so you can meet that back to fall feeling with a secret smile, knowing you seized the season in your own special way.

Wring Your Body Out:
Yin Detox:
Active, Calm, and Quiet:
Rest Your Body, Soothe Your Mind:
Welcome the Silence:

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