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7 Yoga Classes for Beginners

yoga for beginners

New to yoga? Yoga is an amazing practice of connection through your mind, body and soul. The benefits of practicing yoga are endless and the best part is that you’re never too young or too old to begin a yoga practice.

We undertand that beginning a yoga practice can be intimating, so this week we are featuring all beginner classes. You will learn the learn the fundamentals of yoga – from what yoga is to how to choose the right mat, from basic form to breath work and more.

This week, we’re highlighting six classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that are designed just for beginners!

  • Foundational Postures of Vinyasa Flow with Jo Tastula: This video starts with some foundational postures that you will most likely use in every yoga class! We break down Standing pose/Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Forward bend (Uttanasana), Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) & Cobra Backbend (Bhujangasana).
  • 5 Minute Beginner Yoga with Alex: The essence of yoga in only five minutes. Starting in child’s pose, this sequence will take you all the way up to standing and feeling recharged. Pay special attention to your shoulders, back and neck. Stretch out from your toes all the way up to your head. Cat and cow pose loosen up your spine and balancing cat works your core. Finish by working on your balance in tree pose.
  • What is Yoga with Steven Espinosa: Introduction consists of a thorough explanation for the absolute beginners first class. Addresses many of the most FAQ’s, preconceptions and misconceptions about yoga. Other topics are covered such as: how to choose a mat and what to wear to class. Also includes a brief description of the different styles of yoga and breathwork.
  • Introduction to Kundalini with Kia Miller: A quick Introduction to the Kundalini Beginner Series with an overview of what Kundalini yoga is, and how it works to balance the nervous and glandular system and awaken you to deeper levels of yourself.
  • Vinyasa Yoga Tutorial with Jason Crandell: Ever wonder: How do you make that whispery sound with your breath–and, why? How do you get your foot all the way between your hands when stepping forward from down-dog? How do you figure out if you’re moving too slow or your teacher is just plain insane for having you move so fast? Yep, you’ve probably had these questions and more. If you want to understand vinyasa yoga more skillfully, here’s your vid!
  • Intro to Ashtanga Primary Series with Jodi Blumstein: A 60 minute led class which introduces students to the begining of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, or Primary Series in a way that is accessible for all students.
  • Short & Sweet Beginner Flow with Stephanie Snyder: This is a short and sweet beginners flow that will move your body in all directions, create some heat and leave you feeling energized. We move through standing poses (warrior 2, side angle, trikonasana) a seated twist and a modified backbend. This class ends with a simple hip opener and back release pose.



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