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Yoga for Trust

Sally Kempton explains that one of the deepest, mind, body, heart, transforming words is the word trust. Because so many of us don’t quite trust. We don’t trust in ourselves, in others, in the universe, or in a higher power. We of course have many good reasons for not trusting. Most of us have experienced some form of betrayal in our life that has affected our ability to trust. But in order to enter into the experience of union, of oneness, of interconnectedness, of fearlessness, one of the core recognitions that we have to open up to is our capacity to trust. It might take some time, but we all have the ability to do it. 

This week’s featured classes will help shift you mentally, physically and emotionally into a place of trust and acceptance.

  • Opening to Trust with Sally Kempton: Meditation on a sutra uses the power of an idea to transform your awareness. In this sweet practice, Sally leads us into the inner body with the thought “Trust”, and allows us to taste the experience of opening in trust.
  • Mythic Flow – Nataraja with Sianna Sherman: All levels – backbends and trust. This is the story of Nataraja’s dance party in the Tilai forest. This dance is the expression of total bliss and the power of Grace. A wide variety of backbends are explored leading to the ultimate expression of Natarajasana. An energetic and up-tempo sequence to enliven the heart with expanding trust in the currents of our lives.
  • Trust the Yoga with Steven Espinosa: We begin with a brisk opening to warm up our bodies. Then transition into a Standing Poses Flow with Warriors 1 and 2 & Triangle. Followed by a sequence of Seated Poses and Spinal Twists. Also includes Hip Openers and Back Bends. In this class we practice trusting the process of yoga to deliver the results we wish to cultivate in our lives.
  • Trust in Yourself with Elena Brower: Being The Prayer: we are the prayer, the one who prays, and the one who answers. This sequence of prayerful, repetitive standing poses, hip openers and a meditation will bring you into yourself, to your wisdom, to your prayer, and to your trust in yourself.
  • A Shared Moment of Trust with Marc Holzman: The world is literally stitched together by our trust in others and our own trustworthiness. This is a quick-paced class with dynamic hip-openers leading us into into handstand splits, Eka Pada Koundiyanasana and Three-Limbed Backbends.
  • Be Courageous with Tiffany Cruikshank: A fine balance of core & backbends as an expression of our ability to be courageous in our strength and stay in the intensity of our practice & our lives and still trust that we will be supported in the process. This is an intense non-stop flow, that is accessible but challenging. This class will give you a nice shot of energy for your day and leave you feeling vibrantly alive! Optional prop: Block

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