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Always arriving

The saying “I have arrived” is often used in the context of a sense of accomplishment. When we’ve completed a task, escalated in our career, or reached a landmark in our personal lives, we feel like we’ve “made it”—we…


Meet our newest teacher, Gopi Kallayil

At Glo, we have a passion for honoring yoga’s past and contributing to yoga’s future. Rarely have these values been embodied in one human more than in Gopi Kallayil, Google’s Chief Brand Evangelist and founder of the Yogler Community.…


Introducing a more personalized experience on Glo

Thousands of years ago, yoga, meditation, and other wellness practices were passed down through an individual, teacher-to-student relationship. A teacher would get to know the student’s goals and challenges, and assign specific practices to bring them into balance. Since…

Tap Into Your Intuition
There's a Class for That

Tap Into Your Intuition

Looking to make better, more integrative decisions? Yoga can help strengthen and hone your intuition to create a valuable guidance system. You'll start paying attention to and trusting those little hunches or gut feelings that you have.…

Overheard in Yoga Class
Overheard in Class

Establish Your Roots

When practiced correctly, yoga can help clear out our root chakra so we feel grounded, secure and rooted in times of turmoil and change.…

There's a Class for That

The Benefits of Chest Openers

Chest openers are some of the most rewarding stretches in yoga practice. They are a great way to open up the muscles in the chest to reverse forward leaning posture and they are great for creating freedom and space…