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overheard in yoga class
There's a class for that

Connection with God Within

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, David Wagner encourages us to cultivate a grounded spirituality and no-nonsense approach to the Sacred. Connect to your beating heart and embrace what it is like to take a break from your…

david harshada wagner

Men Learning to Be Better Men

Every one of us has a backbone. It’s not a matter of ‘growing one’ – it’s about finding it. It’s about deeply examining ourselves, and choosing the kind of man we want to be. It’s about knowing where you…

overheard in yoga class
The language of meditation

Connecting to Spirit

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, David Harshada Wagner reminds us that even if we don't resonate with a particular, organized religion, we have a spirit within us that longs to connect with something higher. …