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There's a Class for That

A full day of renewal, on us

This month we’ve been talking about the September Scaries—that nagging feeling at the end of summer when you realize that your chance to have the perfect beach vacation, get in shape, get your errands done, “Marie Kondo” your home,…

There's a Class for That

Yoga for Recovery

Only someone who has struggled with addiction can understand what it takes to walk into recovery, to stay there and to thrive there. I developed these classes to address some of the common issues that come up in the…

Cultivate Self Love
There's a Class for That

Cultivate Self-Love

The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship that you have with yourself. Self love is at the very core of well-being. By maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with yourself, you're not only able to…

There's a Class for That

Yoga for the Nervous System

Practicing yoga has a direct beneficial effect on the nervous system. Not only does yoga help with relieving stress, it also helps with keeping the mind clear and sharp, delaying the onset of some nervous system disorders/diseases.…

There's a Class for That

Yoga to Ring in the New Year

The family is gone, the presents have been opened, the parties are over and the stress is finally starting to subside. A new year is about to commence, bringing with it a new wave of resolutions, intentions and transitions.…