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Yoga for Recovery

Yoga has been a shelter to Stephanie Snyder from the time she got sober in 2000 until this day. It has been a loyal, consistent, non-judgemental, supportive, nurturing, generous and joyful companion along a very bumpy road. The practice has enhanced her life in recovery not only through the insight that she has gleaned but also through the way that she has been able to fortify her commitment to service, compassion, and gratitude. Her yoga mat has often been a lifeboat that has carried her from crisis to calm- She’s been able to see, understand and release so much of her own suffering on the mat and that is why she became a teacher and that is why she offers it to others in recovery. She wishes that anyone who has suffered through addiction of any kind  is able to find some peace through yoga. She has experienced how horrible addiction can be and she wants anyone struggling in recovery to know how good it can get- that’s why she offers yoga for recovery.

“Only someone who has struggled with addiction can understand what it takes to walk into recovery, to stay there and to thrive there. I developed these classes to address some of the common issues that come up in the process of recovery. I hope that these classes bring hope, peace, love and understanding to anyone who needs it- most of all I want to remind you that you are not alone” – Stephanie Snyder

  • Forgiveness Floats the Boat in Recovery: Harboring resentment, anger, grudges against others and ourselves can sink the lifeboat of recovery. It is not only freeing, but necessary to be willing to let go of blame. We all make mistakes, cause wreckage and have a history. Let go of blame, guilt and shame and open that space up to love, understanding and progress as you move through standing poses and heart openers.
  • AM Gratitude for Addiction Recovery: Begin your morning with gratitude and let that attitude drive you toward a joyful and positive day. Enjoy a gentle flow to wake up your body and rest your mind in a state of gratitude. Poses include lunges, twists, heart openers and a quiet savasana.
  • Find Pause for Recovery: For anyone either in recovery or even contemplating getting sober, the focus here is on cultivating pause. As addicts, the pause can mean the difference between wreckage and relief. Pause gives us time. Time gives us insight. Insight gives us freedom and freedom brings the ability to choose a better way of living, a higher purpose and a path toward love.
  • Bless This Day with Purpose: Remind yourself that each day you have is a blessing. Active addiction robs us of our ability to contribute to the world through productive, constructive and empowering action. For those on the path to recovery, value a life of purpose, service, humility and grace in this spiritual tune up. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
  • Borrowed Time: The time you get in recovery can feel like a second chance. Let this light a fire within you to create the life that you want and give back. Move through an all around flow that includes an arm balance and an optional headstand.
  • Tolerating Discomfort: It’s okay to be uncomfortable. When you are used to using substances to numb discomfort, it can be a tough transition. Feeling awkward, sad, anxious and alone are not obstacles, but can be conduits to healing. Learn to sit with the discomfort, name it and see it for what it is. All challenges can lead you deeper into the heart of who you are and why you are here.

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