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Pilates basics The language of Pilates

The yogi’s guide to Pilates

If you’ve been practicing yoga your whole life, why should you be interested in trying out Pilates, a seemingly entirely different fitness modality? In truth, yoga and Pilates have more in common than you might think. Especially if you’re…

Pilates basics The language of Pilates

5 basic moves of Pilates

Pilates has its own rich tradition and with that tradition comes a unique vocabulary. If you are just getting started with a Pilates practice, it’s helpful to know what the teacher is referencing when they call out a pose.…

There's a class for that

Bring on the summer sweat

There are those sweltering summer days where we find we are seeking emotional shelter, physical rest, and an opportunity to just “cool our jets.”  There are also days where we find ourselves telling the heat to “bring it on.”…

Pilates basics

Anula Maiberg on Pilates: What it is, what it is not

Some of the most frequently asked questions Pilates instructors get to answer include: “Pilates is like Yoga with crunches, right?” “Pilates is an hour of ab work, right?” “Pilates is [insert person quickly moving straight arms up and down…

Pilates basics

The beginner’s guide to core strength

If you’ve found yourself saying, “I need to strengthen my core,” but also, “I don’t know where to start,” you’re not alone. So many of us know that we need to firm up in this area and for so…