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Bring on the summer sweat

There are those sweltering summer days where we find we are seeking emotional shelter, physical rest, and an opportunity to just “cool our jets.”  There are also days where we find ourselves telling the heat to “bring it on.” Sometimes heat can only be met with more heat, and as we feel summer kicking into high gear, some of us respond with, as the Glo manifesto states, “A full-throated ‘YES!’” 

For those of us that have that need, Pilates can meet you there. Sometimes we aren’t looking for the mind, body, soul integration that yoga and meditation provide, we don’t want to “feel whole.” Sometimes we just want to feel our bodies, clear our head, and sweat it out. 

If you feel like meeting the season’s heat with a little fire of your own, our summer sweat class collection has just what you need:

Self-Love Sweat Fest:
Classical Pilates Challenge:
Core Power Blend:
All Out Pilates Challenge:

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