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The Language of Yoga

Yoga for Weight Loss

In fact, yoga’s power to change the body may not so much lie in its physical effects, but in its mental ones. A study a few years ago, looked at the role of Kripalu yoga in helping people lose…

The language of meditation

3 Yoga Stories to Kick-Start Your Week

This week in wellness news, research has found that mindfulness training alters our brains and how we engage with ourselves, others, and our work. When practiced and applied, mindfulness fundamentally alters the operating system of the mind. Through repeated…


Yoga for School Kids

More schools around the country seem to be experimenting with adding yoga and mindfulness practices to their curricula. And hopefully, once kids become experienced in them at school, they’ll bring what they’ve learned back to their families at home…

Yoga for the heart
The Language of Yoga

Yoga for the Heart

So keeping a healthy heart is just one more reason to keep doing yoga. If you’ve had heart problems in the past, yoga may well help your cardiovascular system if it’s part of a cardio rehab program; and if…