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3 Mindfulness Stories to Kick-Start Your Week

3 Mindfulness Stories to Kick-Start Your Week

This week in wellness news, a new study finds that eight weeks of meditation can significantly alter the stress response in people with generalized anxiety disorder, and this is evident in the levels of stress hormones and inflammatory markers.

Read that and these other great stories yoga, health & wellness stories from around the web.

  • Mindfulness Meditation May Help Treat Anxiety Disorders: “Mindfulness meditation training is a relatively inexpensive and low-stigma treatment approach, and these findings strengthen the case that it can improve resilience to stress,” said lead author Elizabeth A. Hoge, who’s studied the connection between MBSR and anxiety reduction in the past.”
  • New research reveals kids should be taught mindfulness: “In recent years, mindfulness has been extolled as the remedy for stress, exhaustion and poor concentration. But while it has been predominantly practised by adults, new research has shown that quietening the mind also brings significant benefits for children. Not only does it help with students’ sleeping habits, but it also boosts concentration, lowers stress levels and can even have a knock-on effect of lowering disruptive and bullying behaviour in schools.
  • How to Be Mindful at Your Desk: “The workplace is constantly demanding and distracting, making it a challenge to remain mindful. Stay centered and focused without being frazzled by the mental noisiness that crowds into a typical workday.”

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