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5 Meditation Classes to Remain Calm

When the demands of daily life leave us with the residue of stress, meditating can be effective in resetting the tone. Through a smooth practice, we work to get grounded through breath and movement while learning to monitor change so that anxiety and stress can be transmuted.

This week’s featured classes will calm your nerves and help ground you to the earth to rebalance.

  • Pranayama to Quiet a Busy Mind with Annie Carpenter: A short and sweet sitting meditation practice with ujjayi and viloma 2 breath to shift your active or distracted mind into a calm, grounded peaceful state. Props Suggested: A bolster and a blanket.
  • Calm Your Heart with Kia Miller: This meditation induces a feeling of calmness. If you are feeling emotionally challenged at work or in a personal relationship then practice this meditation before deciding how to act. Practiced daily it helps to develop your concentration and promotes rejuvenation at a deep level. An essential tool to keep in your back pocket!
  • Deep Relaxation Meditation & Pranayama Practice with Felicia Tomasko: This 15-minute class combines meditation and pranayama practice; we utilize seated and supine positions with a bolster and blanket. To support getting grounded and entering the meditative space with ease, we incorporate traditional Hatha and more subtle Raja Yoga practices of alternate nostril breathing with and without the hands. Be prepared for deep relaxation and calm as a result of this led class. Props Needed: Bolster, blanket.
  • Meditation Nugget with Amy Ippoliti: Touch into the calm, centered core of your being with this brief but right-to-the-point meditation. Find a comfortable seat, focus your awareness on your breath and drop right in. It might be short, but it packs a punch of grounded goodness. A great practice if you are looking to incorporate meditation into your daily life, if you’re new to it, or have trouble finding time for meditation everyday. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
  • Seven Wave Sat Nam Meditation with Kia Miller: Chanting can cleanse your mind as the ocean waves wash the sandy beach. Open yourself up to a new experience and cultivate a state of calm and relaxation through this mantra practice. Begin in a comfortable seated position and experience a guided chant of the mantra “sat nam.” Vibrating this mantra can activate the energy of your mind that erases and establishes habits, cleansing and washing away what was there before. Props Suggested: A blanket.

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