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Light the Positive

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Stephanie Snyder reminds us to practice lighting the fire of positive action.Do great things, change the world by appreciating the good within and all around.…

There's a class for that

3 Self-Care Tips to Start Your Week off Right

This week in wellness news, A new study suggests that specific forms of mindfulness techniques can be particularly useful for reducing repetitive and intrusive negative thoughts that frequently occur in depression or anxiety. Read that and these other great stories…

Meditate Your Weight
The language of meditation

Mind Makeover

Notice the sensations that the recollection brings up in the body. Is it possible to allow the sensations to exist and to disengage the mind, to just notice and watch them? Take a moment to do this. Then notice…

overheard in yoga class
There's a class for that

Empowering Inner Peace

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Alex Vanfrank explains that when life gets busy, it can take a toll on your overall well being. Make sure you find space within your body and day to relax away the…

yoga for the subtle body
The Language of Yoga

The Great Mystery of the Subtle Body

When imagining the subtle body, the mystics and yogis of India and Tibet designed elaborate systems for navigating the body’s interior, akin to the network circuitry of a computer. These systems map the flow of breath called pr?na whose…