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Kick-Start Your Week with Meditation & Yoga

Start Your Week with Yoga and Meditation

This week in wellness news, how do you find a balance between keeping up-to-date and staying calm? New studies point to benefits of mindfulness, an increasingly popular form of anxiety-reduction habits and practices that get people to focus on the present moment, warding off future- and past-directed stressors.

Read that and these other great stories yoga, health & wellness stories from around the web.

  • How Meditation Can Declutter Your Brain And Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur: “Fortunately, if you can’t afford to take a day off or at least enjoy a lazy weekend, there is a simple thing I use to keep up my fast pace and increase my motivation at the same time –  meditation. It has proven to be one of my favourite motivational boosters. Thanks to this mindfulness practice you can significantly increase your focus, relax and even improve your decision making processes.”
  • News Stressing You Out? Try Mindfulness Meditation: “Some people, when confronted with health messages, felt really bad about themselves,” said Falk, “and that didn’t help them change their behavior. And in the long run, it doesn’t help us have a healthier, happier population. But people who scored high on mindfulness reacted less negatively to the health messages and were more likely to follow the advice.”
  • Monday Morning Bed Yoga: “In reality, you may have 10 minutes to yourself, whether in bed or out, before you need to get into gear. You need to get your kids ready for school, or catch the subway to the office, or a do million other things. You have 10 precious minutes and you can’t make both the “stay in bed” and the “do yoga now” parts of yourself happy at the same time … or can you?”

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