7 tips for practicing at home with the kids

With stay-at-home orders in place, many of us have felt cramped, like we’re battling for valuable real estate around the house. If you were one of the rare few who had a solid home yoga practice and were able to get your kids to give you space to do it, those days are most likely on pause. Now more than ever is a time to learn to share space instead of fighting for it. Rather than hoping your kids will leave you alone for a few precious moments so that you can have a yoga practice, why not try practicing together? Here are a few tips to help you and yours find your way.

Don’t try to force it

We were all kids once and we remember what it was like when our parents forced us—we decided we hated whatever it was just to defy them. Invite them to join you, get permission, and show you’re excited to do it together. If they seem disinterested, try again another time.

Turn notifications off

Have everyone agree to make sure all other devices are in a different room before you get started so there are no distractions.

Set up space

Make sure each person has their designated space, with enough room to bring your arms up and down the way you would in a sun salute. Stagger your mats if necessary. If working with small children, allow time for everyone to run around as a play break if necessary.

Safety first

Make sure there are no sharp edges nearby in case someone falls out of a balancing pose.

Let them “win”

Remember that their physical ability will most likely exceed yours! Encourage them by pointing out that their motor skills are sharper, they have better balance, and most likely more flexibility.

Expect attention lapses

Kids do, however, have shorter attention spans. If you notice them spacing out, you can either just let it go or encourage them to keep bringing their attention back to the breath.


Ask them to talk about their experience afterward and share yours.

While you may not get the workout or total quiet that you are used to, you will gain something else—the joy of sharing your practice with the ones you love the most. Who knows, with a little time and energy it may be them dragging you to your mat one day.

These family classes on Glo can get you started:

Good Morning, Sun with Jo Tastula
Hatha – 15 min

Meditate With Your Kids with David H. Wagner
Audio Meditation – 5 min

Before School with Jo Tastula
Meditation – 10 min

Fun With Balance with Jo Tastula
Postnatal – 10 min

Mommy and Me Toddlers! with Jo Tastula
Postnatal – 10 min

Mother-Daughter Meditation for Teens with Carole Westerman
Meditation – 10 min

Yoga and Parenthood with Dice Iida-Klein
Beyond the Mat – 5 min

Goodnight Family Meditation with Jo Tastula
Meditation – 10 min

Bedtime Yoga Nidra for Kids with David H. Wagner
Audio Meditation – 15 min

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