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4 Yoga Classes to Help Boost Your Metabolism

If you’re looking to boost your metabolism, add these 4 yoga classes into your yoga routine! The metabolism affects every process in the body so stoke your metabolic fire to ensure you are working efficiently.

  • Metabolism Kickstarter with Marc Holzman: When your digestion is feeling sluggish and your metabolism needs a little energy, practice this movement based sequence to help massage your gut and bring prana into your belly. It’s the perfect way to ignite your digestive fire and tone your core! Sequencing includes paschimottanasana, upavistha konasana and a robust series of core-activating exercises that spark your inner fire and kickstart your energy. Great anytime you’re looking for a belly boost.
  • Quicken Your Kapha with Rod Stryker: Reduce kapha, known in Ayurveda as the biological humor related to earth and water. As kapha increases, you become less inspired and spontaneous, more prone to stagnation, colds and coughs. Practice dynamic and expansive postures to help reduce physical lethargy and stagnation. Lift your mood while stimulating your lungs, heart, circulation and metabolism.
  • Rev Up Your Metabolism with Tiffany: Get moving right away and work through serveral intervals of asana to rev up your metabolism. Flow through variations of sun salutations, twists, and inversions to get your heart pumping with less talking. Then, relengthen your major muscle groups. Finish feeling balanced and revitalized.
  • Stoke Your Metabolic Fire with Tiffany: This is a class to stoke the metabolic fire to help regulate the metabolism whether its the cold of winter or bikini season (men you get the idea). We will think outside the box in this class and play with some new variations on some old favorites. A challenging but accessible class, modify as needed. This is also a great cross training class, especially in the off season.

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