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7 Mindfulness Meditations You’ll Want to Try

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool that gives balance physically, emotionally and mentally and its countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years. The benefits of meditation are endless, from inner peace and relaxation to slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases.

This week’s featured meditation classes will help you set the tone for your day, find your center in a moment of stress and help you explore your limitless potential.

  • Japa Meditation with Kathryn Budig: A simple guided meditation of Japa, using mala beads and a mantra to meditate. The mantra you will use for your meditation is: I am healthy, I am strong. Focus on your wellbeing and feel exactly what you chant, healthy and strong.
  • Breathing for Confidence with Elena Brower: A beautiful breath practice to land you back in your heart and cultivate generosity for yourself and what you’re creating today. Props Needed: A blanket.
  • Moving Meditation with Alex VanFrank: Cultivate a feeling of peaceful quietness in the body and mind with a slower paced practice that will have some strengthening and stretching poses. There will be the opportunity to develop greater awareness and mindfulness of the present moment through this slow movement.
  • Meditation Tutorial with Giselle Mari: Have you ever wondered if you’re meditating correctly? This simple yet effective offering provides you with 3 steps you can apply to your meditation practice, taking the guesswork out of this mindful experience. Props Recommended: Block, Blanket
  • Soft Belly Breath & Meditation with Annie Carpenter: This sweet breath and meditation session will drop you into the quiet, peaceful place where your defenses fall away and your loving witness naturally emerges. Great for reducing stress. Props Suggested: A blanket.
  • Enhance Focus with Felicia Tomasko: This meditation/mudra/mantra practice allows us to take time to refocus our energy and attention, no matter where we are. Find something comfortable to sit on and let’s start.

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