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Overheard in Yoga Class
Overheard in Class

Key Hip Stability

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Tiffany explains that learning hip dynamics are crucial for the integrity of your hip joint over time- both to help prevent irritation and to help strengthen your stabilizing muscles.…

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Yoga for Managing Expectations

We often have an idyllic perception of how things should be, and that takes us out of relationship with how things are. This disconnect can create more stress as we fight and resist, rather than letting go and finding…

There's a Class for That

Good Night Yoga

Having an evening yoga practice helps calm the nervous system, reduce physical and mental tension, helps you to unwind after a long day and can even help with sleeping issues.…

There's a Class for That

Yoga for Inspiration

Inspiration is a motivating action or influence that results in creativity and productivity. When we get stuck in a rut or when life gets static, or when we have trouble coming up with ideas, a little inspiration can go…