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Always arriving

The saying “I have arrived” is often used in the context of a sense of accomplishment. When we’ve completed a task, escalated in our career, or reached a landmark in our personal lives, we feel like we’ve “made it”—we feel safe. Only then do we take a deep breath, knowing that our efforts have come to fruition; that our struggles were worth it after all. 

When we experience this sense of relief, we are calmer, we are kinder to those around us, and we make decisions clearly, not from a sense of scarcity.  In short, we are abundant. 

This month, with summer in full swing, it’s tempting to put our focus on traveling, chasing an idea, or completing future goals. While all of this is wonderful, how might we also practice feeling a sense of accomplishment—of completion—no matter our external circumstances? Instead of always going, going, going, can we practice continually arriving, even if we haven’t left home?

There is a part of us that is always safe, always complete, and always arriving. We just have to allow for enough stillness to reach it. These classes should help:

The Road Home:
Where Are You Going?
Ground to Expand:
Mindfully Waiting:
Ground Control:
The Four Ways to Embody Mindfulness:

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