The Language of Yoga

Tending your fire


In cultures throughout the world, fire is a central element of spiritual practice, revered as the source of light and spark of life. We are captivated by fire—drawn to its warmth and mesmerized by its glow, instinctively aware of its potential for rapid transformation. While it can rage with a power beyond our control, fire can also be fledgling and vulnerable, relying on us for care and sustenance. 

The Sanskrit for fire is agni, and includes anything that creates heat, consumes, or digests. Named for the God of Fire in the Ancient Vedas, it is the source of our English word, “ignite.” In a time before electricity, Agni’s importance was paramount, as he was relied on not only for light and warmth, but for cooking and purification as well. When made an offering, fire has the power to amplify intentions by sending them skyward as smoke, while destroying obstacles by turning them to ash. 

With all this power, it’s important to balance the fire element within ourselves, quieting any flares of anger or irritability while stoking the flames of passion. Left to burn unchecked, we can become frustrated or combative, consumed by too much heat. But when our inner fire is properly tended, we ignite our inspiration and self-discipline, catalyzing a process of transformation. 

Every creative act begins with the fire element. Our energy and intellect, our ability to digest new ideas, and our passion for life are all forged in its flames.

Light up these qualities within you with this selection of classes inspired by fire:

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