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Yoga to Release Past Sadness

release past sadness

Sadness is an emotion that we have all experienced. Although not a good feeling, sadness is just that, a feeling – that at any point we can choose to be without. Not saying that we should just turn that feeling off, as we need to grieve in order to heal, but when we hold onto past sadness for too long, it can become an all-consuming, permanent emotion that can prevent us from moving on with our lives.

If you’re having trouble releasing past sadness, then yoga might help. This week’s featured classes will be sure to help you release emotions from the past so you can focus your mind and energy on the present and the future.

  • Release Sadness with Harshada Wagner: A meditation to examine, honor, and release feelings of sadness.
  • Release Emotions from the Past with Kia Miller: This simple but effective breath meditation is a wonderful way to release emotions from the past and focus your mind and energy.
  • Release Sadness with Elena Brower: All we have is our inner state. Inspired by a meditation with Tara Brach, we will release physical contractions by moving gently, release heart contractions by opening slowly and pointedly, and release mind contractions using our breathing in a quiet meditation. You’ll feel any sadness softening and dissipating with this practice.
  • Let Go of Heartache, Nourish Yourself Deeply with Felicia Tomasko: Every breath is an opportunity to nourish ourselves (inhalation) digest (the pause) and detoxify (the exhalation). We incorporate this process throughout class. In this heart-opening restorative practice, the focus of the breath is to let go of heartache and to nourish the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart space with unconditional love. The sequence utilizes a supported backbend with two blocks along with forward folds and a variety of side bends and twists, all with the aim of creating and enhancing the suppleness of the heart as well as the entire region of the chest, which in Ayurveda is seen as the home of the kapha dosha, the energy of water and earth. Through the breath, we can remove stagnation. Through the breath, we love and nourish ourselves deeply.
  • Release Emotional Weight with Steven Espinosa: Lightness – the release of physical and emotional heaviness through yoga to create lightness and well being. Slow but steady basics warm up excellent for beginners. Includes sun salutations and warrior one. Shoulder opener with partner. Floor work with hip and thigh stretches and spinal twist. Easy backbend in bridge pose to finish.
  • Difficult Transition with Harshada Wagner: A meditation to help the process of embracing change and letting go during break-ups, deaths, failures, and other difficult transitions.


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