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What the Chakra…


Ever wonder what chakra represents what? Or where it’s even located in your body? Some of you may be well-versed in all things chakra (bravo!), but many of us aren’t. To help us sort out what the heck it’s all about, we’re launching a seven part series of asana and meditation this week to provide more insight into each chakra. Each week, Harshada Wagner will explore a single chakra in meditation and Elena Brower will explore the same chakra through a 90-minute asana class.

This week’s chakra is the Root chakra, represented by the red flower in the illustration above:

  • Root Chakra Meditation with Harshada Wagner – This meditation focuses on the muladhara energy center located in the base of the pelvis.
  • Root Chakra Practice with Elena Brower – Ground Yourself. Cultivate stability, acceptance, trust and gratitude through a standing pose flow to ground and center you, including standing balances, hip openers, starting and ending with some brief, delicious breath work and meditation.

Join us for the next seven weeks as we explore the chakras together and please let us know if you have any questions along the way!

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