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The Language of Yoga

Mudra: A full bucket is your birthright

In the yoga tradition, a mudra is a hand gesture or bodily symbol that is meant to cultivate a certain “bhavana,” or feeling-tone.  The word “mudra” literally means “seal,” as in, “to seal something in.” The implication is that…

Energize Routine
Pose Library Teachers

Kathryn Budig’s Energize Routine

Ever feel so tired and strapped for time that nothing but a bottomless pot of coffee could save you? Cue superhero yoga sequence! This simple (and short) flow of poses is geared to save you time, perk you up,…

yoga for low energy
There's a Class for That

Yoga for Energy

Are you low on energy? Fatigued after a long weekend? Facing a work week that will challenge your stamina? Yoga has proven to be a remarkable tool to help calm your nervous system to fight fatigue and give you…