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Yoga for Energy

yoga for low energy

Are you low on energy? Fatigued after a long weekend? Facing a work week that will challenge your stamina? Yoga has proven to be a remarkable tool to help calm your nervous system to fight fatigue and give you a much needed boost of energy.

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. This week, we’re highlighting all the ways yoga can help you feel energized and alive.

You can use our new Search feature to search for classes that will Energize you and we are featuring six great classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations on our home page this week that will help you find your center and feel revitalized no matter what you face this week:

  • Root, Rise & Shine with Christina Sell – Want to begin your day with strength, vitality and focused energy? This dynamic class emphasizes organic energy to assist student in both anchoring and shining brightly in a series of sun salutations, standing postures and back bends.
  • Find Your Center Channel with Tara Judelle – Scientists are finding Black holes as are the centers of galaxies, like the sushumna nadi , the center channel that moves in our innermost subtle body. Using this dense funnel as an organizing principles this class focuses on deep hip openers and forward bends. Includes janu sirsasana(head to knee pose), supta padagusthasana (Supine leg stretches)series , krouncasana (Heron Pose), and Surya Yantrasana (sundial pose).
  • Rev Up & Mellow Out with Tiffany Cruikshank – A 30 minute flow with less talking and more doing so that you can flow and go. This class has some fun switch hops (optional) to rev things up and then mellow you out. Enjoy!
  • Goodbye Exhaustion, Hello Energy with Jason Crandell – Tired, feeling blue, unenthused or downright exhausted? This practice gives into the fact that you’re feeling tired and starts slowly, gently and quietly with some reclined work. Then, it builds into some effective and uncommon awakening movements that include rolling back and forth from plow pose to seated forward bends. It continues this trend by gliding you through sun-salutations, standing poses, and awakening backbends.

Here’s to a week of your yoga practice taking your energy to a whole new level!

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