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Overheard in Class

Open the Heart

Opening the heart not only supports a deep breath and a healthy digestive system but also plugs you into a deeper sense of self and reveals self-knowledge in a way that will ease fear, anxiety, and doubt.…

Overheard in Class

A Matter of Faith

A lot of us don't have faith or trust in our strength, but if we pour our hearts into our practice and have faith, we'll be surprised to see how strong we really are.…

Overheard in Class

Love Yourself

In this week's Overheard in Yoga Class, Kathryn Budig explains how we can use asanas as a tool to make us comfortable with the skin we're in right now. …

Yoga basics

Stable Foundation

Marla Apt explains that we build everything from our foundation so we always want out foundation to be stable, firm and balanced. …