Sara Clark is a YogaGlo Teacher!

We are thrilled to announce that Sara Clark is now a YogaGlo teacher!

Sara Clark is a 500-hour certified meditation and vinyasa yoga teacher residing in New York City. You can find her teaching for thousands at Yoga Journal in Bryant Park, as a faculty member at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, for large corporations and health clubs in New York City and coming soon, at Wanderlust.

Sara is known as a compassionate teacher who makes both the novice and more experienced practitioner feel welcomed in her classes. Her fluid vinyasa sequences layered with mindfulness and meditation techniques create an environment for self-inquiry and transformation. Sara’s mission is awakening her student’s to their highest potential both on and off of the yoga mat. When she isn’t teaching you can find Sara backpacking through foreign lands.

Sara’s first few classes have been added to the site so you can start practicing with her today:

  • Bow Down: Bowing down to yourself and others is a beautiful opportunity to welcome in gratitude and humility. After warming up your legs with utkatasana, the focus of this smooth and steady flow will be on staying low to the ground in lunges, standing forward folds and optional inversions. By frequently bowing your head towards earth, you allow yourself to move with grace and surrender, recognizing your deep inner and outer strength. Props Suggested: A block.
  • If Not Now, When? When you can tune in to how you are feeling, you can better understand your needs and thus, mindfully and compassionately care for yourself. Learn to simply breathe and sit with this simple meditation. Allow yourself to embrace the present moment, because now is the time to relax into breath. Now is the time to be fully present. You have the right to be here and give this to yourself. If not now, then when? Props Suggested: A blanket or a bolster to sit on.
  • Relief in Every Breath: Imagine being able to press a restart button whenever you’re feeling stressed out. It is indeed possible! This restart can be your breath, and you can access it at anytime. Let your breath melt your challenges away with this pranayama practice. Be guided through a technique that counts inhales and exhales, which gives your mind something to focus on, allowing you to experience a more expansive breath in the present moment.
  • Hippified: Got tight hips? Come to class prepared to squat, lunge and lengthen. Focus your attention on your hips, and the muscle groups that support their mobility, with a flow that gives your entire body a healthy challenge. Start with sun salutations that focus on your quads, moving on to add twists, straddles and balances to target your hips. Wind down with camel and pigeon variations, concluding with supine stretches. Leave feeling grounded and more mobile.
  • Love is the Way: Love is a birth right. It’s time to return back to this vibration by tuning into your highly intelligent heart. Love yourself with this meditation that guides you to practice sending your focus to the left side of your chest. With breath as your guide, listen closely to your heart’s inner wisdom. Pause for a moment and listen, and the answers will come. Learn to trust in the intuitive energy of your heart.
    Props Suggested: A bolster.
  • Childlike & Courageous: Explore floating and balancing in this class that calls forth a child-like mind and a courageous spirit. This dynamic paced practice will create space for you to fly and play. Explore more advanced postures like tripod handstand with a non-judgmental attitude and compassion for yourself, taking a joyful approach to a sequence of squats, hop-ups, arm balances and inversions. The focus will be to not take anything too seriously and enjoy the play! Props Suggested: A block.
  • Intertwine & Bind: Come ready to intertwine and bind with this practice that uses your arms to hold you up. Explore how this engagement of arms and hands can both deepen and physically support each asana. Warm up your shoulders, wrists, and spine through a series of twists and folds, moving on to a challenging series of arm balances and inversions. Invite yourself to take bigger stances in asanas and bind, an opportunity to go deeper into postures.
  • Hands Off: Want to give your shoulders and wrists a break? Get ready to break a sweat without doing a single plank or downward dog. Explore a circular flow that calls for balance and stability while utilizing all sides of your mat. Heat up with a continuous flow, gliding in and out of warriors, low lunges and standing balances as your legs and arms are put to work! You’ll forget all about chaturanga during this well-rounded class. Props Suggested: A block.
  • The Cycle of Life: There is a beginning, middle and end to everything in life. Understanding that you, too, are in your own cycle can be quite comforting, and even better when you remember that you can choose how you’d like to show up. Acknowledge where you are in your life at this moment and meditate on showing up for yourself. Be encouraged to focus on your breath, allowing it to be a reminder that even your inhales and exhales are a cycle.
  • Twist, Release, Replenish: Come undone, your body is ready to be rung! Twist and flow to welcome in new energy and strength for any season ahead. Begin warming up briskly with surya namaskars, focusing on a cleansing breath. After creating heat, gradually dive deep into twists such as revolved chair and revolved half moon, making your way into standing balance postures, arm balancing and optional inversions. Come to class focused on releasing and replenishing. Props Suggested: A block.
  • Balancing Act: Finding balance is a daily practice. Sometimes it comes with ease, and other times it is a quest. How you show up on your mat, and in life, is everything. Through a practice of standing on one leg, explore your relationship to balance on the mat, to support you in life off the mat. Come as you are and focus your attention on compassion and patience as you move. Props Suggested: A block.
  • Go Slow: In this fast-paced world, remembering to slow down takes practice. Slowly flow through sequences that support calming down and reconnecting to your body and breath. Begin with a meditation and build from there, starting low on the floor, then make your way into standing poses, concluding back down with gentle twists. Witness yourself moving through each asana, aiding in heightened body awareness. Give yourself the gift of pausing from your busy day and tune inward.

Please join us in welcoming Sara Clark to YogaGlo!

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