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Everything You Need to Start Meditating

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool that gives balance physically, emotionally and mentally and its countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years. The benefits of meditation are endless, from inner peace and relaxation to slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases.

This week’s featured meditation classes will help ease you into a meditation practice, set the tone for your day, find your center in a moment of stress and help you explore your limitless potential.

  • Guided Meditation for Beginners with David Wagner: David leads us through a simple 30-minute guided meditation, where all of the principles are put into practice.
  • Meditation Tutorial with Giselle Mari: Have you ever wondered if you’re meditating correctly? This simple yet effective offering provides you with three steps that you can apply to your meditation practice, taking the guesswork out of this mindful experience. Whether you are a beginner or more intermediate practitioner, allow the many benefits of meditation to pour in as you reduce worry if you are meditating in an effective way. Props Suggested: A block and a blanket.
  • Seven Chakras Meditation with David Wagner: In this 30 minute guided meditation, Harshada leads a journey through the 7 chakras or deep energy centers in the subtle body. For beginners or intermediate practitioners.
  • How to Sit for Meditation with Marc Holzman: Learn how to take a seat so that you can let go, relax, and dive deep. Using a variety of optional props, learn what works best for you in your body. A great class for beginners, develop the tools and physical cues to assist and support you in your next seated meditation. Props Needed: One or two blankets, two blocks, a bolster and a chair.
  • How to Create a Sustaining Meditation Practice with Sally Kempton: Learn about meditation as a concentrative and integrative practice as you practice three meditations that build on one another. Prepare your body for your open-eyed awareness practice. Practice with breathing through your heart, using the mantra “I am.” Includes a brief question/answer with a participant. Props Needed: Bolsters and blankets for sitting.
  • Meditation on the Breath with Rod Stryker: Perhaps the most universal of all meditation practices, meditation on the breath is one of the most accessible (excellent for those starting to practice) as well as deep approaches to meditation. In addition to balancing the body and helping to build focus, the latter stages of this meditation opens the gateway to the Infinite. Recommended for all levels, enjoy and discover how ten minutes can lead to stillness and perfection. Prop Needed: Blanket to sit on

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