Partner Yoga with Claudine & Honza

partner yoga

We have some exciting news! We’ve just added six new Partner Yoga classes to the site with Claudine & Honza from Yoga Beyond with more classes on the way. Grab a partner and enjoy!

  • Down Dog Assist: Give your partner a juicy assist in down dog while you work on building stamina in the upper body. Enjoy this quick exploration into an equal give and take experience. Strengthen your solo down dog, and use as prep for a solid handstand practice. A fun way to connect and build trust with your partner. Power up your arms and shoulders and invite more even more spaciousness in your back body.
  • Deepen Your Forward Fold: Working on forward folds, explore a few poses to help you go deeper than you would normally go practicing solo. Develop a powerful practice that you can do with your loved ones, friends and family any time of day. As this practice is based on forward folds, your hamstrings and back body will experience some newfound space. Enjoy the fun and rejuvenating aspects of this creative and hands on practice.
  • Partner Hatha Harmony: Connection is an essential part of human existence. Take a pause from all the modern day forms of connection to drop in with another. Begin class back to back with your partner and breathing together before taking a supported partner twist. Royal dancer is your peak pose. Savor each breath and mindful moment as you move through a nourishing and balanced partner practice with your mate, family member or loved one. Props Needed: A blanket and a strap.
  • Slow Down: Establish connection and a unique experience between you and another. Sitting down face to face, first drop in and begin to focus on the space around you. With your hands resting on your partner and theirs resting on you, begin to engage in sensory withdrawal as you breath in and out together. Enjoy this wonderful and powerful meditation with a friend, family member, loved one or anyone you wish to encourage a solid relationship with. Props Suggested: Two blocks and two blankets.
  • Feel Trapped? Work with your partner on releasing muscles in your traps, back and neck. You do need a bit of shoulder mobility for this class. Come with an open mind and a desire to give as well as receive. Use this class after a long stressful day at work or anytime you or your partner feel your shoulders creeping up to your ears. Reconnect, release and rejuvenate together. If you like, take savasana on your own. Props Needed: Two blankets.
  • Plank to Front Bird: This class will introduce you to the beauty of working with partner asanas on the earth and in the air as you fly. Begin with a vinyasa-inspired warm up before heading into your group. Practice partner planks and flying locust in the air. As you learn to communicate clearly with others, your own needs come into light. Use a blanket under base’s hips to assist tight hamstrings. For safety, always fly in groups of three. Props Needed: A blanket.


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