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5 Yoga Classes to Counteract Slouching

Yoga for Slouching

In our forward oriented world, the tendency to slouch puts a lot of pressure on the spine & the internal organs – contributing to backaches, poor circulation, headaches, fatigue and even breath function.

Find yourself slouching a lot? Yoga to rescue! This week’s featured classes will help counteract hours of sitting or hunching over a desk by taking some pressure off the spine and internal organs.

  • Counteract Slouching with Simple Backbends with Felicia Tomasko: Use a yin practice of two simple holds to help counteract the negative effects on posture of too much slouching. Sphinx, seal, locust and cobra poses are followed by a child’s pose. Helping to counteract hours of sitting or hunching over a keyboard.
  • Unravel the Office Slouch with Claudine Lafond: If you are pressed for time and need an invigorating sequence, look no further! Spending hours at a desk does not do a body good. Warm your entire body and loosen up all your tight spots with efficiency and joy! Includes upper body tension release, lunges and modified sun salutations. Props Needed: Two blocks.
  • Cultivate Extension in the Spine with Tiffany Cruikshank: In our forward oriented world the tendency to slouch puts a lot of pressure on the spine & the internal organs. This class focuses on cultivating extension in the spine in some simple ways and some more precarious positions. Take what you need and find some expansion through the front of the body to take some pressure off the spine and the internal organs in the process. Some arms balancing variations & transitions included.
  • Restoratives for Hunched Shoulders with Amy Ippoliti: Through repetition of key restorative yoga poses and a twist, use this practice to help counteract slouched posture and hunched shoulders. Props Needed: Two bolsters and two blocks or four rolled blankets or a combination of both.
  • Beat Slouch-Asana with Felicia Tomasko: Is slouch-asana your most common posture? Decompress, lengthen and grow taller with this practice that begins with the low back and hips and moves up to releasing tension in the neck and shoulders before settling down into the welcome mat of savasana.

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