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6 Yoga Classes to Boost Vitality

6 yoga classes to boost vitality

Vitality (or ‘ojas’ in Sanskrit), refers to our deepest strength –  our ability to live and thrive. When we’re stressed out, eating an unbalanced diet or not getting enough water, exercise or sleep – or when our natural energy levels are just low, our ojas can become depleted, resulting in an imbalance of natural rhythms.

Feeling like your vitality is a little low? Yoga to the rescue! This week’s featured classes will open the heart, uplift your mood, and bring new energy and vitality into your body.

  • Build Vitality with Rod Stryker: Lateral poses are both energizing and deepening, stretching and toning organs, unwinding tension in the waist, lower back as well as the adrenals and kidneys. This dynamic practice, featuring sun salutes, backbends and deep laterals, builds vital force and is deeply internalizing. A great routine for moving into the world or into meditation. Session ends with some brief breath work and a short sitting practice. Props Suggested: A strap and a block.
  • Increase Energy & Vitality with Marc Holzman: Take this practice to learn the definition of healthy prana: life force or vitality, as well as the ability of that vitality to journey to the inside and back to the surface of your body regularly and freely. Enjoy a nourishing back bending practice with wheel and handstand while softening your technique and perspective so that prana can penetrate and enliven you. Props Needed: Two blocks and wall space.
  • Sequence to Boost Vitality with Tias Little: This class increases circulation of blood and lymph through the chest. The sequence brings lightness and space to the lungs, heart and chest. It includes both passive positions and dynamic positions to open the arms and shoulders in preparation for shoulder stand. Props Needed: A strap, a block a bolster and two blankets.
  • Build Your Vitality with Felicia Tomakso: In Ayurveda, the Sanskrit term, ojas, refers to our deepest vitality and strength. When we are under stress, our ojas can become depleted. Through this deep opening and nourishing practice, we’ll address the tissue layers of the body, encourage revitalization and rebuild strength. Props Needed: A blanket.
  • Bring New Energy & Vitality to Your Body Post-Baby with Stephanie Snyder: This post natal class will address the hunched over and rounded shoulders and chest that often come with hours of nursing, rocking, cradling your beautiful baby or even caring for your toddler. Not only does poor posture hurt, it also energetically weighs us down. This class is guaranteed to open your heart, uplift your mood, and bring new energy and vitality into your body.
  • Tap into Your Inner Power with Kia Miller: This set will tap into your inner power. It strengthens your core, and activates the nerve plexus around the naval point called the ‘nabhi.’ This is a wonderful way to increase your vitality. Enjoy!

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