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The Power of Letting Go

Letting Go

Swami Satchidananda, once said. “’Life is a lot like holding a hot pot in your bare hands…. It hurts! Yoga is realizing that you can let go of the pot.’ We’re holding on so hard to our ideas about ourselves and how things should be, and holding on to the pain. But when we can learn to let go, even though letting go isn’t so easy, it gets better.”

This week’s classes will nudge you towards letting go of what does not serve, leaving room for what does.

  • Letting Go & Moving On with Elena Brower: When it’s time to let something go, whether it is a behavior or a belief, feel the freedom of letting it go and moving forward thoughtfully. You’ll practice strengthening standing postures, hip openers, back bends and forward bends to help you reconnect with yourself and the source of who you are. Slow way down using your breath throughout the entire class. Props Suggested: A blanket and two blocks.
  • Let Go & Settle Down with Stephanie Snyder: This practice will promote letting go and settling down. Whether you have had a confrontation that you want to let go of or you are dealing with free-flowing anxiety from a hectic life, this sequence will help you turn in and recalibrate. We focus on hip openers and forward folds in this class, finishing with alternate nostril breath and yoni mudra. Prop Needed: A block.
  • Release & Let Go with Kia Miller: This rejuvenating class focuses on stretching the hamstrings and the practice of letting go of what disturbs you. Perfect to do any time you are feeling a little stuck in your life! Props Needed: Chair, Blanket, 2 blocks
  • Surrender: It was Never Mine to Carry with Chelsey Korus: Drop what you’ve been carrying that was never meant for you to hold. A surrender series that sweetly nudges you towards letting go of what does not serve, leaving room for what does. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.
  • Difficult Transition with David Harshada Wagner: A meditation to help the process of embracing change and letting go during break-ups, deaths, failures, and other difficult transitions.
  • Start by Stopping with Jo Tastula: “Start by stopping” one of my old teachers used to say. We start with a few minutes of quiet meditation to focus on letting go of any unwanted tension and to connect to the things that are important in life. Easy supine hamstring stretches with a strap to warm up the legs followed by a little core work to build some heat (oh yeah!). Sun Salutations A (surya namaskara A) followed by crescent with core, warrior 2 and triangle flow (virabhadrasana, trikonasana, utthita parsvakonasana) moving into twists. There are lots of calming forward bends to open the back of the legs and our peek pose is pyramid (parsvottanasana) a profoundly deep hamstring/heart opener. Backbends and savasana to close.


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