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Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga

A yoga practice is very personal – but sometimes, practicing with a friend is double the fun and you can access deeper stretching, deeper awareness and a shift in perspective by practicing with others. That’s why we’re thrilled to highlight our new Partner Yoga classes this week.

Find playfulness, support and a new way to communicate through these classes as you partner up on your mats!

  • Better Together Handstand Training with Chelsey Korus: – Handstand requires a steady, consistent practice to master feeling confident in the center of the room. Walk this path with a buddy so you can help one another through strengthening and balance practice and most importantly, celebrate the small victories. Find non attachment and allow the life lessons within the pose to reveal themselves slowly and over time.
  • A Supported Sun Salute with Chelsey Korus: – A brake down of the components that make up a sun salutation with extra spice of taking it from earth to air with the help of your partner. Dive into the work of your hands, shoulders, core, and legs. Prepare to have a profound core awakening experience. Props Needed: A blanket.
  • Explore the Dynamic of Partner Yoga with Claudine Lafond: – A short and powerful practice that will build heat and test your balance. Step into poses such as virabhadrasana II, parsvakonasana and anjaneyasana. Look forward to leaning into your partner for a powerful and playful experience, and play with communication with your partner as you practice. Feel stronger in your legs and lower body and more balanced and stable together.
  • Back to Back Partner Flow with Claudine Lafond – Feel the support of your mate as you flow through a standing sequence designed to build intimacy and generate heat. Expect to mindfully explore poses such as prasaritta padotanasana, utkatasana and ardha matseyendrasana. Practices where you can drop in with one another will not only deepen your partnership with the person you work with, but with everyone in your life! Enjoy this feeling of being connected and supported.
  • Partner Face to Face with Claudine Lafond – Explore the intimacy of face to face connection. You often go about your day seeing each other without truly seeing each other. A partner practice that is all about letting your guard down and sharing your vulnerability with a partner. You will encounter poses like partner bharadvajasana, navasana, upavistha parivritta konasana and eka pada rajakapotasana. See your true self in the eyes of another.
  • Seated Partner Back to Back with Claudine Lafond: – Connect through verbal and nonverbal communication and experience the benefits of deepening your postures with the support of another. Move through easy seated twists, heart openers and forward folds like baddhakonasana, upavisthakonasana and pascimottasana. Enjoy the opportunity to collaborate on your mat!

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