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Maintaining Your Practice During the Holidays

holiday yoga

The holiday season is in full effect and amidst the traveling, stress, over-indulgence, hustle & bustle that comes along with this time of year, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to miss our practice. If you feel that your practice might be getting away from you, try to come back to center. Remember to nurture your body and stay connected to your breath and your practice throughout the holidays so you can really get the most out of spending time with family and loved ones.

  • Yoga During the Holidays with Kathryn Budig: Step away from holiday planning and reconnect to your breath and practice. This flow breaks down the elements of lightening our jumps forward, handstand hold, core work and deep twists such as Revolved Half Moon and Side Crow variations.
  • Holiday Binding Practice with Dice Iida-Klein: Holidays got you in a bind? This 30 min. practice embraces the idea of “binds” helping you to release tension and clear your mind for the holiday season at hand. Starting in tadasana (mountain pose), we open the chest, shoulders and arms via gomukhasana arms. We flow through a few mixed sun salutations and end up using bound Warrior 1, 2 and bound side-angle pose. From there we navigate through bound-twisted side-angle pose and into bound ardha matsyendrasana (half lord of the fishes pose). Use your binds to free up your bound life!
  • Antidote Yoga for Holiday Excess with Felicia Tomasko: Antidote for holiday excess? Stimulate healthy digestion and elimination with a gentle sequence of twists alternating with abdominal strengtheners and forward folds. Take a break two hours after or one hour before you eat to enjoy your food even more.
  • Clear Away Holiday Excess with Tiffany Cruikshank: A vigorous class to clear out the excess of the holidays. This class will give your metabolism a boost and balance out all the holiday indulgences.
  • Relieve Holiday Stress with Jo Tatsula: Holiday stress relieving class so that we can really get the most outof spending time with our families and loved ones. According to the Yoga Sutras, ‘Santosha’ or the observance of  contentment is one of the ways we can relieve mental stress. This short and sweet class takes us through a brief talk on ‘santosha’ and how we can practice more gratitude in our daily lives, then asana, pranayama and meditation as a way of balancing the energies of the body which are all ways that support contentment (santosha). We flow through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar C & B) to heat the body, forward bend Head-to-knee (Janua Sirsasana) to further calm the nervous system, Bridge and Downward facing Bow (Urdhva Danurasana) to open the physical and energetic heart and hip opener to finally release tension stored in the pelvis. Finish with alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Sodhana Pranayama) and gratitude meditation.
  • Holiday Heat with Kathryn Budig: It’s a holiday fire starter! Breath of fire is weaved into a non-stop flow with fast sun salute variations leading to twists and a cooling pranayama meditation.

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