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Baby and You Yoga

They say that being a parent is the toughest, yet most rewarding job in the world. It comes with more responsibility and stress than any other occupation, so that’s why it’s so important that we have the ability to cultivate mindfulness and presence, acceptance and awareness, compassion and gratitude so we can be the best we can be; the greatest gift we can give to our kids.

This week’s featured classes will help you navigate the road of parenthood through breath, body and mind awareness.

  • While Baby Naps with Claire Missingham: A fantastic little ‘While the baby naps’ class focused on bringing you back to your centre line physically and mentally. Zip back up the rectus abdominals and open your chest to release tension from the shoulders and neck from carrying and feeding. Make the most of the moment!
  • Midnight Meditation for Mamas with Carol Westerman: Are you finding yourself up in the middle of the night? Do you have trouble going to sleep at night or falling back to sleep after getting up? This meditation will help you turn your mind off, tune into your breath and inner wisdom and find your happy place. You can practice this meditation anywhere, even in your bed.
  • Meditation for Parents Who Need a Break with David Harshada Wagner: A meditation especially designed for stressed out parents in need of a break.
  • Practicing Yoga with Baby with Jo Tastula: This fun little class is a good introduction for practicing yoga with your baby. Lots of seated movement for opening legs, torso and arms. Have fun with tickles in head to knee pose and windmill in straddle. Also lunges and downward dog mini cuddle savasana if all goes well. Prop Suggested: A blanket.
  • Baby & You: Unwind Your Body, Quiet Your Mind with Jason Crandell: If your baby is between 3-6 months old, you probably need to practice more than ever. Designed for you and your pre-crawling baby, this practice includes reclined hip-openers, seated forward bends, twists and side-bends. It’s a slow, deep, unwinding sequence that you can practice with your new loved one. The practice also includes mild core-strengthening work. Mothers that aren’t ready to work their core yet can easily skip this brief component.
  • Guided Mediation for Parents with Elena Brower: This meditation was designed to bring you to a place of patient listening and acceptance of yourself, so you can begin to do the same for your children. Rather than rushing to “fix” things, this practice is all about observing and seeing yourself clearly, so you can design your responses and your relationships to your children.
  • Low on Sleep Practice with Stephanie Snyder: This sequence will help restore you when you are functioning on very little sleep. Easy twists will encourage mental clarity and standing poses that will bring some heat and energy without depleting you. We finish with a soothing restorative supta baddha konasana. You will need 2 blocks, a blanket and 2 bolsters or pillows.