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Yoga for Focus & Concentration

We all struggle to maintain focus in our daily lives. With a world full of constant distractions along with our need to multitask, it is so easy for us to lose focus and concentration, even on the simplest of tasks.

A little lack of focus here and there is completely normal, but when you find your mind wandering at important times such as during business meetings, when you’re drafting an email, during conversations with friends and family, when you’re working on a project – anything that requires concentration, lack of focus can become a problem.

If you are finding it hard to focus, not to worry! This week’s featured classes will help you to create physical and mental focus and concentration through the breath and the heart.

  • Finding Your Focus with Steven Espinosa: A steady opening warm up prepares us for several Standing Poses (Crescent, Extended Side Angle, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior) followed by a combination of Standing Leg Balances (Tree, Dancer and Hip Openers) and Seated Poses with Twists. Concludes in brief Savasana. Emphasis is on creating physical and mental focus through the breath and the heart.
  • Increase Focus & Concentration with Felicia Tomasko: Increase focus and concentration by cultivating the sattva guna, the attitude of clarity and equanimity. Through cultivating focus, through attention to our feet, standing balancing poses, lighting up our inner luminosity, transforming the raging fire of pitta to the light clarity of the sattva guna. We’ll then progress onto the floor for a sweet languid restorative practice that continues to allow us to cultivate our sense of equanimity, balance, sweetness and ease, we’ll slow down in a way that opens up all of the 72,000 nadis, or channels of the body, before settling into a sweet savanasa. This practice uses two blocks and a bolster for the restorative portion of the body.
  • Focus and Clarity with Tara Judelle: This class uses pranayama and the asymmetry of standing balancing poses in order to focus the mind and bring one into the present moment. Perfect for pre-meeting, presentation, big event, or preparing oneself for the day.
  • Develop Steadiness in Body & Mind with Alex van Frank: This total body practice will help improve overall balance while strengthening the feet and legs. By developing steadiness in physical balance the mind has the opportunity to develop a calming steady focus.
  • Choose Your Focus with Stephanie Snyder: This class is based on the yogic principle that what we focus our attention on will expand. Take a moment to choose what it is that we deem worthy of our attention and then practice sticking with that throughout the practice. This is a pleasing, straight-forward sequence starting with vinyasa movement, and then moving into long-hold standing poses, twists, heart-openers and forward folds. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
  • The Role of Focus in Meditation with Sally Kempton: What does it mean to take your seat in meditation? In this practice session, Sally explores the role of correct focus as the doorway to meditation, and then guides you into a soft, gentle focus practice that can help you slip easily into the meditation slip-stream.

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